Software, no matter how good, is only beneficial if it’s used, and used well.

Our primary goal is to ensure that your organization receives maximum value from the Angus AnyWhere platform.

Our training program is designed to meet the varying needs of your organization’s user base – from novice to expert – and ensures your staff is up and running quickly and is productive with Angus AnyWhere on day one. And through continuous education, new and returning staff develops deeper and more extensive skills. By ensuring your employees can make full use of Angus AnyWhere quickly, easily and confidently, we help you achieve increased productivity and efficiency.

The Angus AnyWhere My Learning Portal

The My Learning Portal is a modern learning platform designed to help users derive the most benefit from their software. Whether you are brand-new to Angus AnyWhere or a seasoned user, the portal helps users be productive and continually grow their skills.

  • A modern, intuitive and learner friendly user interface 
  • Available from anywhere, on any device (desktop, mobile, tablet)
  • 24/7 access to a wealth of Angus AnyWhere skill-building, self-paced training courses
  • Dynamic and engaging course content delivered in bite-size learning units
  • Learners can start and stop anywhere, take the course again, and retake quizzes as often as they wish
  • Consolidated view of each course containing multiple modules
  • Ability to assign courses to users or user groups and determine due dates for completion
  • Reports to track user progression, exam results, and training histories
  • and much more

An Abundance of Learning Resources

A collection of learning materials including User Guides, Product Manuals, and Getting Started Guides further enhance learning. In addition, an extensive Online Help provides step-by-step training and procedures when using Angus AnyWhere.

Custom Training

Our Custom Training provides a program tailored to your specific needs. Sessions are scheduled specifically for your organization when and where you like. Training is customized to match your organization’s specific requirements and incorporates your organization’s best practices.

Custom Training is highly interactive and can be delivered via the Web or at your location.

For more information on our training offerings, please contact us.