Platform Overview

Designed Specifically for Commercial Real Estate

Angus AnyWhere is built specifically for the needs of commercial real estate. We combine solid technical talent with real industry expertise. We understand that technology enables innovation and that delivering true value requires a real understanding of your business. That’s why our team is made up of technologists and subject matter experts. We get it.

Looks Aren’t Everything

Selecting the right software can be tremendously difficult and sometimes what we see on the outside doesn’t tell the whole story. The trick is to get past how the system looks and delve into the functional details. Software that is comprehensive provides the flexibility you need to make your work day simpler. No one has a more in-depth suite of software for commercial real estate operations than we do.

Embracing Mobility

Embracing Mobility

Our Mobility platform applications and web based responsive technologies connect operations teams, vendors and building occupants. While on the go or out in the field your team and customers will always have easy access to the Angus AnyWhere platform from any mobile device.

Robust Platform

The Robust Platform

The unequaled depth and breadth of our software combined with its unmatched reliability and scalability is what sets our platform apart from other solutions. And, we invest millions every year in R&D in order to make our system even better. We’re truly committed to keeping our platform at the forefront of technology.

Integrate. Integrate. Integrate.

From the ground up, Angus AnyWhere is engineered to integrate. Our open and extensible platform allows us to work seamlessly with third-party systems delivering a level of interoperability that streamlines your operations. Our platform easily connects with leasing and accounting systems, access control, building automation, facilities management, customer portals, websites and energy management systems.

No Hassle Software as a Service

Angus AnyWhere is a secure cloud based operations management platform. This means it’s our job to look after the system maintenance, upgrades, servers, firewalls, and connections. All you need is a desktop or mobile device that has internet access. Our low monthly fees (with no long term contracts!) also include unlimited service, support, and training.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

With over 2 billion square feet under our belts, we have a good idea of what it takes to implement successfully.  Our approach is simple, straightforward, and repeatable making it easy for clients to get going quickly and effectively.  Your dedicated Implementation Manager can get your property online in a matter of days. They also have the experience and know-how required to help map complex business needs to our flexible and deep system configuration settings. And if you want, they are also experts at migrating data from your legacy systems.